Biodefense Research Center

Experimental and computational expertise that enables passive surveillance, sensitive detection, and targeted diagnostics and therapeutics.

  • Agnostic environmental surveillance is essential to provide early warnings of potential biothreats, to detect health events, and to establish situational awareness.
  • Early detection is critical for emergency preparedness and rapid response to emerging events and novel biothreats.
  • Accurate diagnostics and therapeutics facilitate appropriate treatment and curtail outbreaks through stopping transmission events.


Global Disease Modeling and Forecasting Center

Multi-scale modeling and advanced data science to help the world detect, understand, forecast, prevent, and provide decision support in response to emerging and re-emerging disease outbreaks.

  • Integrated and visualized data and modeling to create a bridge between science and policy
  • Validated modeling frameworks that can identify risk, forecast disease spread, and assess the impact of interventions.
  • Situational awareness and early warning to help decision makers
  • Provide expertise in multiple disciplines to help the global community understand pathogenic organisms through surveillance, threat characterization, and countermeasure development.