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The Richard P. Feynman Center for Innovation is at the crossroads of research and market realization, providing a gateway to transform groundbreaking discoveries into impactful solutions. Our mission is to fuel entrepreneurship and commercial ingenuity among scientists and engineers, paving the way for innovation-driven growth. From safeguarding intellectual property to forging dynamic collaborations, the Feynman Center provides comprehensive support at every step of the journey.

Embrace the opportunity to develop cutting-edge technologies, innovative products, and successful businesses.

Connecting for Impact

The Feynman Center thrives on collaboration. We connect with diverse partners, fostering collaboration with start-ups, businesses, and investors. Together, we address challenges for a sustainable, secure, and equitable future.

National Security and Economic Growth

Join us in strengthening national security and stimulating economic growth. Our goal is to accelerate the transition and commercialization of technology, bringing groundbreaking discoveries to the marketplace.

Your Innovation, Our Mission

Whether you're a small business seeking technology assistance, a corporation looking for partnerships, or an innovative entrepreneur craving resources and connections, the Feynman Center is here for you. Make an impact on the future with our resources.

Discover Our Cutting-Edge Technologies

Explore a diverse array of cutting-edge technologies and capabilities at Los Alamos. Our offerings give your organization a decisive competitive edge. Seize the opportunity to enhance, refine, and revolutionize your products.

Explore by Sector

Advanced Computing, and AI/ML

Collaborate to advance AI, ML, and cybersecurity research and enhance computing platforms through simulation.

Advanced Materials & Manufacturing

Leverage new materials and manufacturing processes to improve the performance of products and materials.

Aerospace & Defense Systems

Enhance space control through asset identification, modeling, and data analysis for space applications.

Biotech, Life Sciences & Healthcare

Pioneer the future of biosecurity through innovative vaccines, therapeutics, bio-surveillance and biofuels.

Climate and Energy Transition

Create sustainable solutions with our expertise in nuclear, hydrogen, emissions reduction, and alternative energy.

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