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  • Innovating for a Hydrogen Future

    Scaling up emerging technologies to enable a low-carbon future.

    Helping our partners accelerate the development, deployment, and application of their products through our expertise, technology, and innovative solutions

    Los Alamos supports companies and innovators who are envisioning and building market solutions to meet ambitious requirements and customer expectations for a future full of low-carbon choices. We have a breadth of expertise, resources, and technology solutions that support development of hydrogen-related products and applications in the following areas:

    • Hydrogen Production

      Emerging technologies are key to solving gaps in hydrogen production.

    • Storage and Delivery Capabilities

      Hydrogen transportation, distribution, and storage are the primary challenges for integrating hydrogen into the overall energy economy.

      Hydrogen Storage Card
    • Fuel Cell and Conversion Capabilities

      The Laboratory's role in the development of fuel cells and hydrogen as an energy source began in 1977 with the utilization of expertise related to hydrogen gained from Project Rover, a program aimed at developing a nuclear-powered rocket.

    • Energy Transition Center of Excellence

      Demonstrate and deploy your hydrogen and carbon utilization technologies and products at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

      Energy Card@2x
    • Cross-Cutting Capabilities

      Several clean energy technologies and infrastructure components will be important to enabling decarbonization across multiple sectors.


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    Explore New Solutions

    Looking to adapt new technologies into your product development to meet emerging customer requirements?

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    Supporting the Department of Energy, the Western Interstate Hydrogen Hub (WISHH), and the nation to meet ambitious decarbonization goals

    Headshot of Duncan McBranch

    Duncan McBranch

    Hydrogen Hub Capture Manager

    Headshot of Melissa Fox

    Melissa Fox

    Director of Applied Energy Programs