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    Implementing and fostering collaborative research, workforce and program development, and technical exchange

    The Information Science and Technology Institute (ISTI) is one of the six strategic centers organized under the National Security Education Center at Los Alamos National Laboratory. ISTI is chartered to foster high-quality research efforts, specialized recruiting, and strategy development that will enable the Laboratory’s Information Science & Technology (IS&T) Pillar and advance new IS&T ideas.  

    ISTI sponsors opportunities for strategic research as well as training and development for students, postdocs, and staff at Los Alamos National Laboratory. These activities include summer school programs, student and postdoc fellow programs, LDRD funded rapid response calls for proposals, university collaborations, training workshops, and seminar talks.

    In addition, ISTI supports events that bring researchers together  - often from various fields – to develop novel technical approaches, build communities, or develop road maps, proposals, or white papers.  Contact with ideas, organization, or sponsorship requests for workshops.  (these can be outreach activities which we fund for the community)

    • Open Data Servers

      Our open data server page function is to manage the collection and presentation of large amounts of trend data, event messages, operator transactions, and system configuration data.

    • Summer Schools

      ISTI hosts a number of educational programs that cover a wide variety of fields. Information about these programs is collected here.