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    Strategic centers, institutes, and education programs chartered to foster high quality, multi-program and multi-division research efforts, specialized recruiting, and strategy development.


    • Foster sustained excellence and enhanced external visibility to address national needs
    • Establish and coordinate a broad intellectual community in support of Laboratory missions
    • Develop and facilitate programs that provide staff revitalization, retraining, professional development, and critical skills development
    • Foster internal and external strategic partnerships and relationships with research universities, industry, and government agencies
    • Provide education and training opportunities to nurture a pipeline of future Laboratory employees

    NSEC Centers

    Center for Nonlinear Studies image

    Center for Nonlinear Studies

    Serving as an interface between mission critical research at LANL and the outside research community.

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    Center for Space and Earth Science image

    Center for Space and Earth Science

    The Center for Space and Earth Science (CSES) focuses on scientific understanding of fundamental physical processes that are critical to maintenance of habitat earth homeostasis.

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    Engineering Institute image

    Engineering Institute

    Multidisciplinary engineering research that integrates advanced modeling and simulations, novel sensing systems and new developments in information technology.

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    Institute for Materials Science image

    Institute for Materials Science

    High quality, cutting-edge science in the areas of materials science

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    Information Science and Technology Institute image

    Information Science and Technology Institute

    ISTI is chartered to foster high-quality research efforts, specialized recruiting, and strategy development that will enable LANL’s Information Science & Technology (IS&T) Pillar and advance new IS&T ideas

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    Seaborg Institute image

    Seaborg Institute

    The Los Alamos Seaborg Institute integrates research programs on the chemical, physical, nuclear, and metallurgical properties of the lighter actinide elements, with a special emphasis on plutonium.

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