Office of National Security and International Studies

    Office of National Security and International Studies

    Providing national security and technology policy analysis

    The National Security and International Studies Office (NSIS) at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) provides high consequence decision support on national security and technology issues relevant to LANL’s mission.

    NSIS Strategic Plan

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    Strategic Objectives

    NSIS pursues three strategic objectives: (1) Advise senior Los Alamos National Laboratory leadership on the strategic and policy environments in which the lab operates; (2) Help bridge the gap between policy and technical communities, advising policy-makers on what may be possible and technologists on what may be desirable; (3) Serve as a think tank and action group drawing on laboratory-wide resources to offer policy-relevant insight on issues related to the LANL mission, including  deterrence, arms control, nonproliferation, and nuclear security.  

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    NSIS Team Members

    William Tobey

    Office Director

    John Scott

    Deputy Director

    Maureen Johnson

    Professional Staff Assistant

    Paula Knepper

    Program Manager

    James Cooley

    Program Manager

    Kirk Otterson

    Program Manager

    Joseph (Joe) Pilat

    Program Manager

    Mike Port

    Program Manager

    Matt Tucker

    Program Manager

    Michelle Mosby

    Program Manager